I am a storyteller, in words and in photos

Documenting all that I see, hear, taste and smell.

I see the world in crisp colours, vivid detail and with eyes wide open. (Except when I’m laughing. Eyes definitely closed for laughing, folks.)

Specializing in travel and event photography means there’s always something happening, always moments to capture. Working in the background, I have the amazing privilege of witnessing and preserving the action, the conversations, the emotion. Keeping a visual record, telling the entire story, beginning to end.

Favourite assignments include: volunteer trips to remote locales, investigative adventures, group excursions. (And who can turn down elaborate 60th birthday party gigs? What an absolute blast.)

Is your organization going somewhere, doing something? Or staying home, hosting an event? Invite a documentary photographer. The images you receive will not only tell the story (including moments you probably missed), but the genuine, candid shots can serve as professional marketing and fundraising materials in the future.

The majority of my clients prefer to keep their images out of public view. Please drop me a line, and I can privately share their stories with you.

I currently write for local magazines (Mountain Life and Our Homes) and even have a fancy editing title at the latter, allowing me to pretty-up countless pages of copy with my trusty red pen.